PAXTON, Ill. (WCIA) — The train used to come right where their yard is in Our Town.

The couple bought the former freight depot and turned it into their home. It’s not the first time they’ve taken on a project like it. Wait until you see what they’ve done with the place.

They used to live at the Onarga Grade School. They had more than 20,000 square feet to work with. One day, they just happened to find the former depot. Within a year, it was home sweet home.

Lisa and Kirk Lockhart have a different take on house hunting.

“One of our hobbies, when we met 30-years ago, is to go through abandoned buildings.”

Just look at their latest find.

“We like old buildings and I kind of had my eye on this for awhile. The train came right here. There was a vestibule here, you know, like where you come and pay your bill, so we took that out and put in two bathrooms and a bedroom.”

It’s more than 140-years old and was left in disarray.

“We’ve been here about a year. It took about a year to tear it apart.”

The Lockharts got to work and turned one side into their home. The other is a work in progress, but will eventually be a gallery.

“I like space. I like to have it open.”

The depot is close to 4,000 square feet. They say it’s not your typical house with a white picket fence, but they’ve made it their own.

The Lockharts have also lived in a two-flat with three city lots they turned into a compound and a loft inside a sewing factory in Chicago.