POTOMAC, Ill. (WCIA) — Even though the original baker of a special recipe has passed, her family wanted the tasty dessert to live on in Our Town.

Angel food cake is a staple for just about very cake walk here and now we know who’s making it. Caroline Hambleton meant the world to her family.

“She loved to cook. She loved her family. She loved to feed us all.”

One of those family favorites they just couldn’t stand to see go to waste: her famous angel food cake. It’s why daughter-in-law, Tami, decided it was time for her to see if she had what it would take.

“This was a special recipe that I’m not sure if she actually gave it to anybody. My husband asked me if I would learn to make some of her recipes just so I could carry them on and pass them down to our children.”

It all starts with a simple cake mix, then the labor of love begins. Then, sugar-sweet icing.

“You have to constantly stir it so it doesn’t burn. Caroline always said, ‘Do not let it burn or it will taste really bad.'”

After fifteen minutes of cooking and a slow process of “paddling” the frosting, it’s ready to eat. The cake is known all over Our Town.

“She always took them to cake walks. They would always leave them for last because they were so good and there were so many people that wanted it, there wasn’t enough squares.”

Hambleton says she admits hers aren’t as perfect as Caroline’s, but she’s happy to be carrying on the tradition.

“It just seems like she’s still with us.”

A cake walk is scheduled for 5 pm, Friday, at Millie Curtis Park.