SULLIVAN, Ill. (WCIA) — Every moment of history has a moment behind it. For Our Town, it’s the connection to President Abraham Lincoln and the formation of a new county in Central Illinois.

“We may be small, but we’re mighty and we have lots of interesting things that have happened in Moultrie County.”

Including the settlement of Sullivan, founded in 1845. One of the biggest decisions the first settlers had to make was which county to be part of.

“In 1843, they carved out a county, a new one. Moultrie is one of the smallest counties in the state.”

“The purpose of forming a new county was so people could be closer to their government because you were going by horseback, or wagon, or by foot.”

After several years, it eventually became the county seat.

“When the county was first formed, they did not designate a county seat. For four or five years, they just met at various people’s houses.”

The establishment of a new county is just a small part of Our Town’s history.

“We had a riot on the courthouse square in 1858 between supporters of Douglas and supporters of Lincoln. They were both scheduled to speak.”

It caused a scene, but luckily everyone made it out alive. Lincoln also practiced law downtown at one time.

“No one loss of life or limb, so that was probably one of the most exciting in our history.”

In addition to the city’s ties to President Lincoln, Paul Stone says a theater put the city on the map. Guy S. Little, Jr., started putting on plays in 1957.

“As they say, we’re more than a little town. The Little Theatre is probably what we’re best known for.”

The more than 170 years of history is being put together to share with everyone because, as Janet Roney says, it’s important people know how it all got started.

“There’s nothing like having a good history book and lots of pictures to tell it.”