COVINGTON, Ind. (WCIA) — The town’s courthouse has a hidden gem inside; 2,500 square feet of murals, all done by local artists. Many don’t realize the works tell a story.

Currently, those living in Fountain County are working to preserve those works of art and keep them in their original form.

“The paintings were painted in 1939, by 11 local artists who were supervised by Eugene Savage, who was a local boy who became a world-renowned muralist.”

They can still be found after 80-years inside the courthouse. Nancy Wagner and others are working to make sure they stick around.

“There’s no place I’ve been able to document, in the world, where there’s a display of this size that was painted by local artists.”

Each floor of the courthouse gives visitors a history lesson.

“It’s significant nationally, because it portrays the westward expansion of the United States, the settlement of the Indiana Territory, the state of Indiana, the Wabash Valley because we sit on the Wabash River.”

Savage started by helping the muralists draw sketches, then he gave them these walls as an open canvas.

“They’re 2,500 square feet, which is over a half an acre of paintings.”

Wagner says many have no idea the murals exist and they’re working to conserve them.

“Best kept secret, really of Indiana. It’s because no one really knows about them.”

Donations can be made to help with the $200,000 cost.  

Western Indiana Community Foundation
PO Box 175
Covington, IN 47932