MT. ZION, Ill. (WCIA) — The Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church still sits in its original spot in Our Town, but in the years since 1832, it’s had to be rebuilt a time or two.

It’s the oldest church in Macon County. It was started with several meetings at members’ homes. They decided it was time to build a church.

Unfortunately, over the years, the building’s seen its share of damage, but the congregation always comes together to keep it going. This church is a staple in the community.

“We’re proud to say it’s the oldest church in Macon County.”

Pastor Mike Wakeland says the church has quite a history behind it.

“In 1832 was the first structure. There have been, I think, three different structures, roughly on this site.”

They’ve suffered three fires since then, but the congregation never lets it stop their mission.

“Friendly, supportive, religious, and I could just go on and on.”

Anna Belle Farrell is one of the oldest members. 74-years, she’s been attending services.

“It’s just like home, I guess. It’s just like home. They’re all concerned and supportive with every event that happens.”

Each time the church was rebuilt, it was important to hold onto its history.

“The bell on the lawn was from teh fire when the church was in the fire.”

Wakeland says the name of this community is straight out of the bible.

“Calls to mind certain images from the Bible. It’s the mountain of the Lord. It is where one goes to experience the presence of God.”

He’s proud to say it’s still standing strong.

“Even though God is everywhere, we like to think when folks come to worship here, they do have that experience.”