GIBSON CITY, Ill. (WCIA) — “It’s amazing, especially now the times that everybody’s going through, is how everybody still has a heart, you know to donate, volunteer time,” said Jodi Link with the American Legion.

The list doesn’t stop there. After heavy rains flooded streets, homes and businesses in Gibson City, people from everywhere stepped in to make sure the community stayed on its feet.

Since the flood, strong winds and a downtown fire put the community on alert, but nothing like the flood.

Asa Lage, who lives in Gibson City said the day was just terrible.

“I was at work, rain was coming down and time I got home, it was up to my steps,” said Lage.

He’s referring to the steps of his house. Flooding destroyed his basement and his air-conditioning unit.

“After it stopped raining, the water went down, we had to clean our basement. Man, it took about a week to get it all cleaned out,” said Lage.

The American Legion was one organization that helped people through the tough times, providing food and clean water.

Link, who was born and raised in Gibson City, says flooding made the community bond closer together.

“I think it’s made the community a lot closer,” said Link.

Lage says Legion helped him in a big way.

“They gave me my humidifier, but after it stopped raining, I went down, my pump and cleaned it out and it went down and then we just got all of our stuff out of there,” said Lage.

A small community, simply put, but the biggest of hearts after that historic disaster.

“It’s the best community I’ve ever seen,” said Link.