Officials looking into school vandalism

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WESTVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Vandals spray painted obscene images at a high school.

Now officials are investigating what happened at Westville High School on Friday night.

This is right before a big rivalry game with Georgetown-Ridge Farm, both schools say they’re working together to figure out who did it.

People I spoke with today say with how things look right now, it could be anyone.

After several areas of the fields behind Westville High School became targets, some living in town are pointing fingers.

JD Lugoski says there’s just not enough information to come to a conclusion.

“First of all you cannot assume it was someone from Georgetown, even though it looks like it was.”

Vandals spray painted obscene images over a garage door, the tiger memorial, tackle dummies and a dugout.

Most of those areas have already been removed.

Lugoski says he learned in years past not to suspect their rivals too soon. When he went to school here, someone lit their homecoming bonfire a day early.  

“Of course they thought it was Georgetown, they thought it was our rivals.”

Instead, it was someone from their own graduating class.

Jennifer Flores says the rivalry can get heated, but she doesn’t believe it was either football team.

“It’s the big coal bucket game, I’m from Georgetown and I work in Westville, so I’ve been teasing all the customers. It’s been a rivalry thing but I know the boys didn’t do it.”

Flores says she thinks it was just a random group of troublemakers, something Lugoski says is entirely plausible.

“We don’t need people retaliating, the whole thing is pretty childish.”

Police and school officials were keeping an eye on the field when we was there. We don’t know yet if the surveillance cameras caught anyone in the act.

The Georgetown-Ridge Farm School District released this statement in response; “we at GRHS and the entire football program want to unconditionally stand with Westville in showing our disgust and disappointment of the graffiti damage.”

They go on to say they’re in close contact with WHS school officials and intend to assist in any way possible to remedy this sad situation.

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