Nursing home loans continue to pile up

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URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) —  The Champaign County nursing continues to nickel and dime the county’s general fund.

They keep taking out loans month after month to cover payroll.  Tuesday night, they took out another $116,000 loan.

Month after month Champaign County treasurer John Farney robs Peter to pay Paul. Just to keep the Champaign County nursing home open.

“I had to borrow money from one fund to give it to the general fund and now the general fund is giving money to the nursing home fund.” 

In the last five years the home has turned to the county countless times.

“When you roll those numbers into what the home already owes us, already it adds up to about 1.4 million.”

Farney says it’s used to cover payroll. There’s also a four million dollar backlog of vendor bills that need paid.

“When those vendors start cutting off those services that’s when you’ll see the county having to take drastic action which would be closure for the nursing home, finding somewhere for those residents to live.” 

His fear is the longer the home continues to need help. The more likely the county will have to start making cuts.

“Once you start drawing off of the general fund you start seeing impacts on every day services that people here in Champaign County have come to expect.” 

A bid is in for someone to buy the home. But if it doesn’t sell — the county could be in some trouble.

“The question was asked do we have a plan B in for closure of the home. Some county board members entrenched in keeping it sat there with blank looks on their faces and it was scary to see.”

If the home closes — the county will be responsible for the bills. And Farney tells us the home is losing on average $135,000 a month. And it’s been this way for the last 12 years. 

We asked Farney what the income of the home is each month. He tells us it’s between 500 and 700 thousand dollars a month. But the problem is the expenses are generally 800 to 900 thousand dollars.

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