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NATIONAL (WCIA) — Not everyone got the first test of the national presidential alert system, but it came across most smart devices.

It was sent out at 1:18 pm, CST, and at 1:20 pm to broadcasts. It was just a test, but it appears there were some glitches in the alert.

The presidential alert wasn’t actually written by the president. There are laws, policies and procedures in place to make sure it isn’t sent at random.

Students were sitting quietly studying at the UI library when all of a sudden… “It was just like the buzzing and the beeps and brought your attention to, ‘Oh, something’s going on.”

Some knew it was coming.

“Oh, I thought it was the president of the university.”

The new alert will let a sitting president issue a warning about a crisis such as an attack, weather, missing children or other critical information.

“We all have our phones all the time, so yeah, it makes sense to have that.”

Unlike regional emergency alerts, this new presidential notification will be nationwide and should be taken very seriously.

“I think so because it keeps us in the loop and what’s going on.”

But, not everyone got it.

“Yeah, I didn’t get an alert, but I heard some other people’s phones go off.”

The message was sent at 1:18 pm, but you could have gotten it up to 30 minutes later. It should have made a loud noise, but didn’t always. It did interrupt classrooms across campus.

“Our teacher was just confused. She’s like, ‘What’s that? What’s going on?’ We’re like, ‘It’s going to be okay.'”

Even television programs were interrupted. Whether you did or didn’t get it, if another test comes, there’s no opting out.

Leaders at the statewide Emergency Management Agency say they received calls from AT&T customers who didn’t get it. They were asked to send the information to the national organization and they’re going to try to get to the bottom of it. No word if there will be another test.

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