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URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Campus Middle School for Girls, an all girls private school, opened a new building this summer and they held an open house for alumni and future students.

 “It’s amazing it’s bigger, it’s in an actual school building this year which is actually just blowing,” says former CMS student, Kira Buford. 

“I gotta say, it’s pretty different, I’m happy seeing the new school here,” says former CMS student Corinne Kloster.     

In previous years, Campus Middle School had to rent two different spaces. 

They left their first location four years ago. 

The second had financial troubles causing the school to find yet another place. 

“So to move repeatedly that’s not good for stability so the idea that they were able to offer us a 10 year lease was just spectacular,” says Executive Director Tami Adams.

Students can now go outside to learn or enjoy the day. 

“They can play. We do activities outside now. Some of our after school things happen outside which is nice to kind of pull of environment into their day,” says Adams. 

The location of the school may have changed byt the core of the school is still the same. 

Kloster and Buford explained what it meant to be a student at CMS. 

“This was a good fit for me it was a lot smaller classes, the teachers could help make sure you got the help you needed in class. it was just a good experience,” states Kloster. 

“I made some close friends and got some academic pushing which was good,” states Buford. 

They’re hopeful for the future. 

“I hope they can stay here for as long as they need. This is pretty great,” says Kloster.

Campus Middle School for Girls has been open since 1994.

Applications for new students begins in January. 

Anyone who wasn’t able to go to the open house, you can call the CMS office to set up an appointment. 

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