New Habitat for Humanity ReStore is open

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DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — After years of planning, and many obstacles, Danville’s new Habitat for Humanity ReStore is now open. 

Dozens were lined up outside Wednesday morning waiting for them unlock the doors. The new location is just a few blocks away from the old building on North Vermilion and West Seminary Street. 

Three years ago they started looking for a building. They were able to find the perfect location and have been working on construction for about a year. They wanted to open up about eight months ago, but faced some delays. Thousands of dollars in power tools were stolen, and there were some electrical problems. But that didn’t stop them. Hundreds of customers came in for the opening day. 

The money from the restore helps to pay to build affordable houses for people. The director, Jonathan Gibson, says this new place will be a big benefit to them and the people they serve. He says, “It’s going to allow us to do so much more for us and the community. It basically should help us do another house every year going forward. We typically do between one and two houses. We’re hoping now to do two to three houses because of the difference here.” 

This location has more space and it’s more efficient because it’s only one floor. The old building had two stories and big items had to be hauled up a freight elevator. 

They’re still working on construction to pave the parking lot. That should be done by the end of April. 

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