New concern for nursing home: management

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CHAMPAIGN COUNTY — The clock is ticking for the county board to find a new management company to run the nursing home.

County administrators say the current management company is ending its contract, so now the board is looking for someone else to take over operations.

Administrators describe the situation as a “bit of a crisis” right now because of the uncertainty of the home’s future. They say they need management which can handle the concern.

The board still has not made a decision whether or not to sell it.

The current management contract expires June 30. County administrator Rick Snider says the company wasn’t as responsive as it needed to be with important issues like quality of patient care and dietary needs.

The county has some potential management companies in mind. Snider says the companies they’re considering have previous experience in dealing with distress nursing home properties.

Snider says it wouldn’t be effective to hire long-term management since they’re looking to potentially sell the home within the next nine-to-twelve months.

When the board decides to put it to a vote, 15 of 22 members will need to approve a sale or transfer.

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