New Baseball Team to Debut in Philo

Local News

PHILO, Ill. (WCIA)–There’s a new baseball team coming to Philo, with a bit of an old-school twist.

The Signalmen of Summit Station play what’s called 1860 baseball. It’s an homage to America’s pastime back in its earliest stages. There are up to 200 of these types of baseball teams across the country.

This saturday, the Signalmen and three other 1860 teams will play in the field behind Philo’s water tower for the first time. Players will wear their favorite retro jersey.

The Signalmen’s team captain, Mike Griffin, said it’s about giving fans a blast from the past.

“We’re recreating that game, that experience. It was meant for exercise and to be fun,” Griffin said. “In fact, that’s how a lot of troops during the civil war got their exercise. Between their skirmishes, they’d go play baseball.”

He said all lovers of baseball and history are welcome. The museum of the grand prairie will also be there to show off an antique baseball from the 18-hundreds.

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