Neighbors react to week of violence

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DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — One Central Illinois city has had five shootings in four days with four victims. Every day this week, a person or a building in Danville has been shot. 

People living in those areas say they’re getting used to the sound of gunfire. Police said at least two of the shootings are related. This all started on Sunday at the corner of Williams and Elm Street. Two people were shot. 

The two shootings police think are related happened on Chandler Street by Center Street. On Monday morning, a woman was shot. On Tuesday, shots were fired, but only a house was hit.

The fourth, again on Tuesday, happened just 15 minutes later. That was on Alexander by Madison Street. Again, only a house was hit. 

Finally, on Wednesday, a man was shot in his leg. It happened in the 300 block of Chandler Street, less than a mile away from the other shootings on Chandler.

One man lives near where that shooting happened on Wednesday. He said he hears a lot of shots fired in his neighborhood. He thinks things have gotten worse over time, but he has faith that it will start looking up. 
“I try to not get into worry, leave it to him, and pray about it. If I see somebody doing something wrong, I pray about them, you know, for them and stuff,” said Barry Kester. Kester lives nearby.
Five different neighbors we spoke to said they didn’t want to talk on camera because they’re afraid for their safety. One of them said she thinks these shootings involve gang members. There are a lot of children who live on Chandler Street specifically, and some neighbors say they’re concerned for them. 

Police haven’t made any arrests in these cases. Investigators say the man who was shot on Wednesday was shot after a fight, but he wouldn’t tell police who it was that shot him.     

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