Neighbors react after deadly shooting

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DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Neighbors are frustrated after an early morning shooting that left one man dead.

It happened Saturday morning near the Green Meadows Apartments in Danville.

The coroner says 32-year old William Banks was killed. Police says they have one person of interest, but their name isn’t being released yet.

We spoke to people nearby who say they’re not surprised there was another shooting, but they hope the rest of 2019 is calmer than the first two weeks have been.

“The helplessness is probably the primary thing I’m feeling right now.”

Mary Roberson says it’s frustrating trying to fix a problem, that doesn’t seem to end.

“We want to think that we can find a way to eventually stop it.”

She’s a volunteer for Danville’s Moms Demand Action chapter, a group that’s been working with the city and other organizations to try to stop the gun violence in the city.

“What we’re seeing this year, we’re almost on schedule with last years homicide rate.”

This is the second murder of 2019 in Danville, less than two weeks into the year.

“The violence has us really in a desperate state, the people I talk to and some of the students are just afraid.”

Police say they were called Edgewood and Fowler Avenue for a disturbance Saturday around five in the morning.

When they got there, they found 32-year old William Banks, who had been shot.

Those who live in the neighborhood say they hope peace can start to creep in.

“It’s a terrible situation, I just wish people could come together and make the best of things.”

James Wyatt says it starts with families, and finding more ways to lift people up.

“The best solution is more jobs, a better education, particularly for the parents because the parents aren’t steering their children in the right way.”

That’s the change Roberson ultimately hopes will happen.

“I just think it’s going to be brainstorming, it’s going to be people who pull resources, pull passion, pull knowledge, and it needs to come from the youth, officials with the city, and it needs to come from people like myself who are just moms and dads, brothers and sisters who are just tired of it.”

William Banks’ death is still under investigation.

Moms Demand Action is holding their monthly meeting this Thursday. That’ll be held on the second floor of the Danville Public Library at 6pm. They’re expecting some city officials to be there.

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