Neighbors have concerns about dangerous intersection

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CLIFTON, Ill. (WCIA) — An intersection in Iroquois County has become infamous for serious crashes.

It’s the corner of County Road 700 East and 2950 North.

Several people have been sent to the hospital after car wrecks there in the past few years. Just last week, Mason Knorr was killed after he was hit by a semi truck.

Those who live nearby say county leaders need to make improvements before someone else is killed.

They say dozens of cars blow through the intersection every day without stopping, especially on weekdays. After a death last week, they’re pushing for major changes.

“It’s not a good intersection and something needs to be done about it, it shouldn’t have taken a death for that to happen.”

It’s an area that Carri Hansen says has caused problems for years.

“Multiple near misses, accidents that are just fender benders. It’s just not a good thing.”

Hansen used to live right by the intersection. She says it’s common for semi trucks and cars to speed through it without stopping.

“I would say roughly 30 cars run it a day. It’s just carelessness, laziness, don’t want to stop not paying attention, not marked well, no rumble strips, no lights whatever the case may be. It’s just people not paying attention.”

It’s been the scene of several serious crashes this year alone. Some have resulted in drivers going to the hospital; one of them was Mason Knorr. He died after a semi truck hit him last week.

Jeff Peterson was his neighbor. He says the intersection and another one nearby are notorious for accidents.

“I can’t even leave my house because I have to go past it every day.”

Peterson says he was almost a victim of an accident there too.

“It’s just a 50-50 chance whether you’re going to live or not.”

It’s a problem Peterson and Hansen both say they’re not willing to accept anymore.

“It’s a lot of local people too, just people who don’t think it’s a busy road. People just need to slow down and pay attention to the law.”

It’s especially dangerous with the cornfields all along one side of the road, so you cant see what’s coming. People have a few ideas floating around to fix it, like adding rumble strips or flashing lights, but people say it just boils down to drivers being more aware.

People living in Clifton are expected to show up at the Iroquois County board meeting early next month. They want to pressure county leaders to make improvements to the intersections.

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