Murdered teen’s mother reacts to arrest

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URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — It’s been eight months since David Sankey’s murder, and police say even though they’ve arrested someone, the investigation isn’t over. 

All David Sankey’s mother has is the name and the face of the teenager accused of killing her son. She wants much more out of the criminal justice system.

Sankey was shot in the head last August near his home in Champaign’s Garden Hills neighborhood. 

Darrion White was arrested last night in connection to Sankey’s death. He is charged with first degree murder. 

Johnson was in the courtroom says it’s a relief to see someone being held accountable. 

“This young man wasn’t a kid; he was an adult. David was a kid,” said Sankey’s mother Yvonne Johnson. 

A kid, who at only 16, was murdered on the street by his home. Johnson remembers him fondly. 

“David was a kid who loved life. He was very active. He was very loving, caring, he was a good friend, he was a loyal friend.”

Sankey was walking on Paula Drive and Larkspur Lane when he was shot in the head. 

“I didn’t have a name or a face, so I didn’t know what happened to my son.”

Darrion White is charged with first-degree murder for Sankey’s death. 

“I didn’t know him or his family. I don’t know either one of them. I don’t know how it could’ve happen. I don’t know anything but what the kids say.”

Johnson believes White’s punishment should fit his crime. 

“…I think life without parole. You should be away from your family like David is away from his family.”

Police say they can’t go into detail about what was behind the shooting. Johnson says, whatever happened, it was a life taken too soon. 

“He was just an ordinary 16-year-old kid. I paint this picture of David because that’s my baby. And he did not deserve to die.”

“Any kid shouldn’t be killed by gun violence. I don’t know what possessed this kid to pick up a gun, but my son, my baby, ended up dead because of his behavior.”

Some were in court in support of White as well. They didn’t want to comment. 

The start time of some of Central’s football games were changed after Sankey was killed. School leaders said that was out of an over-abundance of caution and not because of a threat. 

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