Mother wants justice for son’s death

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DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Some in the community say justice wasn’t served for a man who was killed by police this summer. 

Community leaders want more answers following a deadly officer-involved shooting and the mother is disappointed in the report from the state’s attorney.

34-year-old DaNathe Gulliford died after he was shot by police back in June.

Last week, the Vermilion County State’s Attorney said she wouldn’t file criminal charges.

Now, some are calling for police footage to be released.

“This is not. This is not right,” says Gulliford’s mother, Diane Carrington.

Diane Carrington sat with her son, DaNathe Gulliford’s picture and the report that explained what happened the night he died.

“This paper and what they had to say is unbelievable to me,” states Carrington.

Carrington says she was close to her son over the years. 

“Dee loved everybody and everybody loved him because he’s well mannered,” says Carrington.

It’s still hard for her to believe he was killed by police. 

“What did he do so bad that he had to die,” asked Carrington. 

The state’s attorney says police were called to a domestic disturbance. 

They were told Gulliford was armed. 

When officers, Jason Dunavan and Brandon Phillips found him, he was asked to get out of his car showing hands. Officers say he didn’t show them. 

They shot him five times. The report says he took off running.

Police found a .22 caliber revolver in Gulliford’s pocket. 

Carrington says it doesn’t add up and the NAACP’s Danville chapter president agrees.

“Apparently there and got shot in the back. So to me, that was the fatal blow,” says Edward J. Butler.
Now they’re calling for the dash cam footage to be released to the public. 

The state’s attorney says the video from the dash cam wasn’t working properly, but the NAACP thinks it will still give some closure.

“We just want ourselves and we just want to weigh the situation,” states Butler.

With the information Carrington has, she still wants the two officers to be reprimanded. 

“With the state’s attorney closing this thing and I mean that’s it? And this report says otherwise I have issue,” says Butler. 

Butler is encouraging the Danville community to stand together and be peaceful through the process.

Butler says if the proper closure isn’t given, lawyers and the state NAACP may have to get involved. 

He also hopes the city will try to look into getting body cameras to help clarify situations like this. 

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