Mother concerned about son on the run

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CHARLESTON, Ill. (WCIA) — A mom says her son isn’t guilty of the crimes police in several counties are charging him with.

Todd McGee is accused of breaking into a home and choking someone in Piatt county. Macon County authorities want to question him about a burglary. In Moultrie County, there’s a warrant out for his arrest for not paying or showing up to court for a suspended license.

While talking with McGee’s mom, someone else showed up to talk to her as well. Diana Yamamoto admitted police are looking for her son. She says she saw him Monday and gave him clothes. She says her son’s wife is blowing things out of proportion.

“How do I know he’s telling me the truth? I don’t know where he’s at and he’s not coming back.” Yamamoto claims her son is innocent. She says things are being blown out of proportion.

“An order of protection because she claims I called her boss. I never called her boss. That’s all it takes to get an order of protection in Piatt County? This is a joke.”

Minutes before the interview, someone knocked at the door while cameras rolled. U.S. Marshals had reason to believe her son might be in her home.

“He has a history of running from police. That’s not what innocent people do. If he didn’t do this, the best thing he can do is surrender, answer to his charge.”

After minutes of talking, Yamamoto began to realize the reality of the situation.

“I’m just being factual. He’s going to get caught. He’s going to go to jail. Does he want to go on his terms?”

They advised her to give them whatever information she had. She gave them permission to search her home before leaving. After speaking with the U.S. Marshals, she had a different attitude about her son and the entire situation.

“When there’s two narcissist going at each other, it’s sad.”

Now, she has one plea. “Just come home, for your daughter.”

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