More than students missing school for flu

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DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Some teachers are missing from classrooms, but they’re not on vacation. They’re at home, dealing with the flu.

The district was already strapped for subs but now there are even more rooms to fill. Central Illinois has had a teacher shortage for months.

District #118 is definitely feeling it; the demand for teachers and substitutes is at a peak and you can blame influenza.

“We had some great days with substitutes, however, this month has been really shaky.”

Dianna Kirk works in human resources for the district. She’s noticed more and more teachers calling in sick. But, what happens when your back-ups come down with it?

“It’s a strain.”

Usually, they have a large percentage of subs in front of a classroom.

“Today, 26% of our substitutes are working. They too are experiencing the flu.”

It’s caused meetings and small group discussions to be delayed.

“With the flu season, we’ve canceled school business.”

The flu season is affecting staff at Bismarck Junior High School too, but the principal says germs shouldn’t take all the blame.

“I think the biggest thing is demand on the family to have both people working full-time. It used to be you had the luxury of two people who didn’t have to work full-time who could come in and sub.”

Campbell wants more people who have the time to consider subbing.

“It’s not a bad position for somebody that doesn’t have a full-time job.”

The district wants parents to know, even though they’re strapped for subs, there’s always an adult present in the classroom.

Right now, substitutes in the district start at $95/day but pay differs depending on the district. Those who are interested should call their Regional Office of Education.

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