Monday paper delivery eliminated

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Some of you may have been surprised when you didn’t find your Monday paper this morning. You aren’t alone. News-Gazette announced yesterday they will no longer be delivering on Mondays, but that’s not the only change.

We now know there were around 34 people laid off from the Champaign location. Sources say that breaks down as 19 in editorial, 12 in circulation, one in finance, one in digital services, and one weekly editor. In an article Sunday, the Executive Vice President of Champaign Multi Media Group Paul Barrett said taking away the Monday paper was to reduce cost and get the paper back on its footing.

Champaign Multi Media group bought the paper at the end of August. As part of that process, the paper also filed for bankruptcy. Cliff Proemell has been reading News-Gazette papers for almost 60 years. He says he is alright with reading articles online. But he says there’s something about a physical paper that a digital copy can’t beat. However, his biggest issue with getting rid of a Monday edition is it doesn’t seem like the News-Gazette is keeping their end of his annual contract.

“The gentleman’s agreement is I’m paying you for 365 and now all of a sudden they’re saying oh we’re only gonna publish 313 times a year, sorry about that. It would seem as though they should make some concessions to those who have already paid for x number of papers into the future to actually receive that number of papers,” said Proemell.

Several subscribers said they weren’t happy with the way they were notified. Some readers told us they thought it was somewhat hidden. Proemell said when the paper isn’t delivered on Christmas, they’re notified on the front page of the paper the day before.

A carrier from the News-Gazette location in Danville who was let go said everyone else at that location was too. That’s 15 people.

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