Missing teenager returns home safely

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URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — An area teenager is safe after police say he wandered away from home.

Police searched for 15-year old Adam Christman for more than five hours. They say every hour in any missing persons case is crucial.

Authorities say they made contact with Christman at his home. His parents reported him missing about 7 am, Monday.

Christman has autism and police believe he wandered off on his own, intentionally. This missing persons case ended with a safe return.

“Patrol officers responded and spoke with the mother and we checked a bunch of different parts of south Urbana and we weren’t able to locate the juvenile.”

Christman was last seen about midnight at his home on Brookens Drive. Officers started searching for him early Monday.

“It was cold last night. It was raining, obviously that can lead ot hpyothermia, so yes, that was one of the reasons we put the information out to the public and through social media. We were concerned about the juvenile and his welfare.”

Christman was back home before noon.

“It’s a bit complicated in regards to the facts and circumstances and we’re respecting the family’s privacy.”

Lt. Rich Surles says each case is different.

“It’s hard to say these are steps we automatically go through. It’s really individual to the case. A lot of times, it’s just talking to people and having conversations and figuring out what kind of circumstances we’re finding ourselves in.”

The teen wasn’t harmed, but it’s always a concern when someone is out in the elements.

“The vast majority of missing kids leave on their own accord. I mean, they’re runaways and sometimes, it’s just part of childhood, I guess.”

Police say they’re not sure if Christman had ever gone missing before. Again, some details were not released out of respect for the family’s privacy.

You do not have to wait 24-hours to report someone missing if you have serious concerns for their safety. Police will take a report.

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