Meth concerns

Local News

COLES COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA)– Coles County has identified the crime issue it’s facing most.

Officials say that while making arrests and conducting interviews the problem they keep hearing about is meth.20 years ago law enforcement was seeing a different problem with meth.

It was being made in the county, now they are facing a different problem.

One of the officers helping to combat the meth problem is lt. Tyler Heline.

Officers are seeing that people involved are sometimes just trying to find their next fix. “

We find that a lot of times they commit these crimes because of their addiction,” says Heline.

The drug can also cause damage to the body.

Judy Brown, the program director for central East Alcoholism and Drug Council says that the effects of meth are strong enough to cause damage to the brain.

Brown also says that sometimes people come in for treatment but don’t see it all the way through.

Heline says that they often see repeat offenders also.

Right now, law enforcements biggest concern is getting dealers and the drug off the streets.

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