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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — It’s been 10 years since a Champaign police officer accidentally killed Kiwane Carrington. Some believe the community will forever be impacted by that day.

Carrington was killed when police were responding to a break-in at a home on Vine Street. Officer Daniel Norbits and the 15-year old struggled. Norbits’ gun discharged and Carrington was killed. That shooting was ruled an accident.

Today, the Champaign Community Coalition is reflecting on what it did for the future of the community. Some spoke up, saying they still don’t think enough is being done to help.

Many of those people voiced concerns about the lack of activities and resources available to kids. On the other hand, many believe there are plenty of new programs, like C-U Fresh Start and Walk As One.

Sheriff Dustin Heuerman was a deputy when Carrington was killed. He says the community is headed in the right direction, but focus on connecting with youth should continue. 

“One of the trends we’re seeing is that offenders of violent crime are getting younger and younger so I would like for us to continue to see an emphasis on younger in schools etc. you know we have self made kings and others that have started through the coalition and I think that aspect is really important,” said Heuerman. 

Most community leaders tonight agree these changes can’t happen overnight. They ask everyone in the community to get involved in making positive things happen.

“This offers us the chance to think about the past, that tragic event, I was emotional. It was a tragic period in time in our community. But where we’ve come to now is something we should feel really pleased with and proud of as a community,” said Community Coalition Facilitator Tracy Parsons.

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