Medical marijuana users worried about buying guns

Local News

URBANA — Some FOID card holders are worried their medical treatment will prevent them from buying a gun.

Medical marijuana is legal in Illinois. The state police website has a statement saying people with a medical cannabis card will not lose their right to own a gun or concealed carry.

However, gun owners say they can’t buy a gun from a licensed dealer, because that licensing comes from the federal government…which still does not recognize the legal use of medical marijuana.

“I’m not saying the state police answer is dishonest. It’s just only half the answer, because the bottom line is you won’t be able to buy a firearm unless you go buy it from a neighbor, or a garage sale, or some private person,” said Dean Hazen.

Hazen is an Urbana city council member and the owner of a gun store. He said he was told even if someone gives up their medical cannabis card, it will take a year until they can be cleared to buy a gun in the state of Illinois.


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