Medical marijuana dispensaries celebrate 420

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ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Many will celebrate Easter this weekend, but others may be focused on another festivity Saturday.

April 20, also known as 420 is a day many come together to celebrate their love of marijuana. Recreational use of the drug is still illegal in Illinois, but a select group can take part in the hoopla.

The Illinois Department of Public Health says more than 60,000 people in the state are in the medical cannabis program. Local dispensaries have taken notice.

As of March, there are 55 medical marijuana dispensaries statewide. The Maribis of Springfield is one of the licensed practices. Manager Dan Linn said the store has been having 420 sales all week.

They opened in 2017, but Linn said patients have an easier time accessing medical marijuana since the state began its Opioid Alternative Program in January.

1,000 patients and 350 doctors have registered without he opioid alternative program since it started. DPH says more than $44 million in medical weed has been sold in 2019 alone.

Patients have to meet a number of requirements to qualify for the Opioid Alternative Program. First, you must be at least 21-years old and living in the state. Then, a doctor must verify you have a medical condition which needs an opioid prescription. Finally, a $10 fee has to be paid when you register.

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