Measles epidemic not expected

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ILLINOIS (WCIA) — The effectiveness of the measles vaccine is good news for those who’ve had it, but not for those who haven’t.

Health officials are putting out a big push. Two more cases of measles have been reported in Champaign County. Public health officials say those people aren’t infected anymore.

Two cases were reported earlier this month; now a third and fourth have been added to the list. The third identified person was in quarantine for the infectious period. The CDC is doing more testing on the fourth.

If someone has been exposed and was not vaccinated, they need to call the measles hotline before going anywhere. Hospitals have also set up areas for people who are unsure of their immunity status and have been exposed or have symptoms which are similar to the flu.

There’s no cure for the measles, but a single dose of the MMR vaccine is about 93% effective. Measles outbreaks are popping up across the country. More than 100 people in at least 10 states are sick and it has some raising questions about state policies allowing parents to opt out of vaccines for kids.

Fewer than 2% of Illinois’ school students are unvaccinated. More than 20,000 students are exempt. If school kids are unvaccinated, and they do not have a a medical or religious exemption, they are removed from school.

A pediatrician at SIU cautioned against misinformation being spread online. Chances of a full-blown epidemic in Central Illinois are not high.

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