MATTOON, Ill. (WCIA) — After being open all day long, Mattoon Police have now started locking up the train depot while trains are not there.

City officials said people vandalizing the station was the reason for locking up. The city installed new cameras about a year ago, but they said the vandalism was just too much to keep up with. Now, officers will go to the Amtrak station to lock and unlock it.

Officials said the station will be unlocked one hour before and after trains arrive and depart. After an hour, police will walk through the station to confirm everyone has left. They said most vandalism happens at night, after the 7 p.m. trains.

An issue that the station has is the absence of an attendant to help riders or to watch over the depot. Officials said the sporadic train schedules have made it difficult to have an employee there. In the meantime, police put a notice on the doors that said riders could call the station to unlock the depot at any time.