MATTOON, Ill., (WCIA) — Mattoon’s mayor Rick Hall said the conversation around a new marijuana dispensary isn’t over yet, and the topic could be back on the table in a few months. 

It comes after city council voted it down on Tuesday night.

Hall said one of the main concerns was the location, but he feels that issue could be resolved. It was set to go in the old Long John Silvers restaurant on Charleston Ave. near 12th Street. There are after-school programs nearby. 

He added that the three members who voted no all had a different reason. But, he supports the dispensary because of the money it could bring the city. 

“To me, it makes a difference,” Hall said. “It’s a big enough dollar that it makes a difference of hiring people we don’t have that we need to have. We need a few more police officers, our public works department is short on people. We would like to use, my view is, we’d like to use that to fill those spots.”

One of the dispensary’s representatives said on the low end, they projected it would have gross revenue of $10 million a year. 3% would go back into the city, meaning an extra $300,000 in income.