Mats to help prevent injury

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URBANA, Ill (WCIA)– A group in central Illinois is working to make sports safer for everyone.    It’s called Hexnest and they’re starting with gym mats.

The founder of Hexnest broke his spine while he was a gymnast, so he wanted to help make the sport safer.

Those with the company explain why their mats are different.

“Our mat, depending on the height you fall from it’s able to properly adjust so when you fall from a lower height you prefer a mat that has more give and is more responsive to pressure you put on it because that will soften your fall,” Alex Swett, says.

“However, on higher falls, you want a mat that’s stiffer because with a soft mat if you fall too far you’ll essentially start falling on the floor instead and that’s how injuries occur.”

The company started in 2017 and they’re still getting ready to head to market. 

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