Marching Illini want to play, even in the Spring

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UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS (WCIA) — The postponement of Big Ten Athletics this Fall has left a lot of people upset, and that includes the people cheering them on.

The Marching Illini members were going to be back on campus this weekend to start practice. Now the director says they will not be back until the start of the semester. The band will still practice as much as they can in small groups this semester. If the Big Ten tries a Spring season, the Marching Illini will try to be there for it, but the extra commitment may make Spring tougher than usual for band members.

“We’re looking at Marching Illini year-round, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing,” says Director Barry Houser. “But when we look at our student’s course schedules many of them try to schedule those more rigorous courses in the Spring knowing they won’t have that 18-20 hour commitment.”

A lot of what the band can do if there is a Spring season depends on weather. Houser hopes they can at least have a presence in the stands. And if not, they have considered having the Marching Illini do something virtually to play on the video board.

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