CHAMPAIGN, Ill., (WCIA) — Dozens are running for school boards across Champaign County, many putting their names in the mix looking for a seat.

There’s a lot of community interest across different school districts, with candidates looking to make a change.

Besty Holder is one of three running for Champaign Unit 4’s School Board. Three are running in Urbana, and four in Mahomet.

Holder said she wants to work on closing the achievement gap within the Champaign School District, both socioeconomically and racially.

She grew up in Champaign and is now a lawyer in town. Holder said she knows she has a lot to learn.

As a mom with a daughter at Central High School, she knows teachers need help too.

“I see a lot of really excellent teachers,” she said. “But I also see overworked, overcrowded, and situations that can definitely be worked on to help alleviate the teachers and administration within the schools.”

Current Champaign School Board President Amy Armstrong is running. As well as Jamar Brown, he’s served on the board before.

You can vote for board members in your area this upcoming spring, the election is April 4.

For a complete list of everyone running, visit this link.