Man’s millions will leave lasting legacy

Local News

HOMER, Ill. (WCIA) — It was a secret burning a hole through one man’s pocket for years. When he died, a small town found out he was a multi-millionaire.

Carl Goad donated more than $3 million to his hometown; all of it wrapped up in investments. His hope was the town would use the interest it accumulates every year.

He gave it to the town on one condition: They use it to help restore the town he loved. It’s hard to be forgotten in a small town like Homer. But, one man’s legacy will be remembered even longer.

“It’ll live forever.”

Goad left a rainy day fund.

“He did leave us a very nice gift.”

A gift of more than $3 million under one condition: They fix sidewalks, business fronts and streets, as long as it helps the town he loved.

“Basically, it’s to be invested and just use the interest for community developments.”

Friends, like Kenny Whitt, say this was the kind of man Goad was.

“Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.”

The town meant everything to him.

“I had no idea he had that kind of money. But, you wouldn’t have know it to meet him, let’s put it that way.”

He says Goad lived a simple life, just like his grave. It’s one Whitt comes to visit all the time.

“I come out here every day.”

Even if he didn’t donate the money, Whitt says he’s sure the town wouldn’t have forgotten him either.

“You think of Sammy, you think of Homer. Just that simple.”

Town leaders haven’t officially decided what to use the money for. A village trustee says they’re not rushing things. They plan to make that money stick around for a long time. 

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