Mandate requiring masks takes effect

Local News

COVINGTON, Ind. (WCIA) — A state-wide mask mandate starts today. You’re required to wear masks inside public spaces or outside, if you can’t maintain a safe social distance. That’s because of a new mandate handed down by the Governor Eric Holcomb.

Brett Burchett says he’s not a fan of the mandate, but he’s following it anyway. “Will a mask take care of this? It’s gonna take more than that. We need vaccines. We need measures to treat it,” he said. Burchett also owns Northside Pub. He plans to require customers to wear masks too. “We’re gonna do what we have to do. I don’t want to get shut down again.”

Paul Hamilton says he understands masks are useful, but also disagrees with a requirement. “I mean, I wear them anyway out in public for my own health reasons, but I don’t think people should be told they have to wear them.”

Derek Goodman from Lafayette feels the mandate should depend on how high the cases are in a given region. He also feels people should avoid being in public at all if they have symptoms. “If you’re sick right now, you should stay home or go to a doctor.”

Carol Freese owns House with the Lions Antiques. She says most customers take it upon themselves to wear one. “If they come in, I just say, ‘If you have a mask, you might want to put it on,'” she explained.

There are more than 60,000 COVID-19 cases in the state. Those cases have been on the rise recently with their highest amount of daily cases confirmed Thursday.

The Fountain County Sheriff’s Office posted on its Facebook about the mandate. They say they do not plan to enforce it. They’re asking people to not call them if they see someone violating it.

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