Man saves stranger’s life after a head on crash

Local News

DECATUR– It was a normal Wednesday afternoon until tragedy struck.

“I was feeling great. and then all of a sudden my life changed,” says Duane Yeakle. 

He was driving when suddenly he suffered cardiac arrest.

“I was driving up water street to go to the doctor’s office at DMH (Decatur Memorial Hospital) and that’s the last thing I remember.”

His car slammed head first into a brick wall. He was nearly dead but a doctor driving the same route saw the whole thing and rushed to his aid.

“Mr. Yeakle was slumped over the wheel of his car unconscious and what looked to me and the world as though he died,”says Decatur Memorial Hospital Dr. Terence Woods. 

Dr.Woods broke open the car door and got Yeakle out. Yeakle had no pulse and wasn’t breathing but Woods gave him CPR. 

“He could be brought back if immediate action was taken.”

Shortly after, paramedics rushed him to the hospital.

“I was very pessimistic about what the outcome might be,” says Woods.

“Total shock disbelief and panic,” says Linda Yeakle.

Yeakle’s wife Linda says she couldn’t believe what was happening. When she got to the hospital doctors weren’t sure if he was going to make it.

“They would say 50 50 chance.”

Despite all odds, after 11 days at the hospital he survived.

“I can’t tell you how happy and gratified I am that he survived not just survive but did so well and is back to normal,” says Woods.

“I thought it’s just a miracle,” says Duane. 

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