CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Imagine being inside of an elevator, the doors open, but you can’t get out. That happened to a man in downtown Champaign this week. But lucky for him, Champaign Firefighters just went through elevator rescue training.

We spoke with a firefighter who said this training came at a perfect time. In his 29 years of being with the department, he never had to do an elevator rescue. He said it speaks to the importance of staying up to date.

“But it was also one of those moments where you’re like, you know, sometimes the timing’s everything for you. And we’ve had that before where we do certain training. And it seems like soon after that, that’s when we need that. So it’s just a good reminder and reminds us why we do all these little trainings,” said Battalion Chief John Hocking.

He says if you’re ever stuck, remember to stay calm. And trust that trained firefighters will get you out.