Man plans to sue county after his dog was shot

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RIDGE FARM, Ill. (WCIA) — A local man plans to sue the Vermilion County Metropolitan Enforcement Group after he says an officer shot his dog, Savage, in the face late last week. 

Savage had to be taken to the UI Vet Med Friday for surgery, but survived.

People who know the dog, don’t know how this happened. Neighbors and his owner say Savage is anything but savage. They say there’s no reason a VMEG officer should have shot him.

Jonathan Metz says he let his dog outside, and was getting ready to mow his yard when he heard the gunshot.

“My neighbor saw it. She hollered at him telling him not to shoot, that she could get the dogs. They’re not mean dogs.”

He says a VMEG officer shot Savage.

“Trying to say my dog attacked him, it didn’t happen.”

X-ray photos show the bullet went through the dog’s lip, bounced off a tooth, went through his palate and came to a rest near his lower jaw.

“He’s in pain. It ain’t right.”

Metz says he was told the officers were there to investigate possible marijuana plants. He says there aren’t any in his house and the officers didn’t have a search warrant.

“They had no business on my yard and, by all means, if you’re trying to get a hold of me, why are you out here by my tree?”

His neighbors say they can’t believe this happened to a dog as peaceful as Savage.

“I was shocked. I can’t believe anybody would shoot that dog when it’s so playful.”

Janice Truelove says she’s known him for years.

“My grandkids come over here all the time and play with the dog. He’s a perfectly good dog. This dog is a very gentle dog.”

It has both Truelove and Metz scratching their heads.

“He did this. I don’t know why.”

Hoping the county will pick up the nearly $3,000 bill for treatment.

“I want them to pay for the vet bill.”

The VMEG commanding officer could not be reached for comment. Metz says he’s requesting several charges be filed Tuesday, including animal cruelty, reckless discharge of a firearm and trespassing.

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