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URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — A mail carrier is still in the hospital after he was bitten by a dog earlier in the week.

It’s an injury that could keep him out of work for another two to three weeks.

The dog bit John McCollom Monday afternoon in Urbana.

The dog’s owner said he was playing with a baby before everything happened.

McCollom says says it all happened so quickly, but he says people should make sure they do all they can to make sure their pets don’t attack others.

“Sitting in a hospital room, I thought: this is perfect mailman weather,” says McCollom.

For nearly 23 years John McCollom has been delivering mail to people’s homes, but Monday, he was put out of work.

As he walked to take some mail to one home, he noticed the front door was open. The screen door was shut, but an American Bulldog came running his way.

While the door was closed the dog managed to get out.

“Tried to put my foot up against the door to keep him from opening it up,” says McCollom. 

But the bulldog busted out of the door, so it was time for McCollom to defend himself.

“I pushed my bag out to try to keep him off of me and then he clamped onto my hand,” states McCollom. 

“The owner of the dog helped get the dog off of him and gave him a cloth to cover his wound.

The bite got infected, leaving McCollom at the hospital longer for treatment.

His wife, Amy, is standing by his side holding his other hand as he recovers.

When she received his call she knew something was wrong.

“So my mind was racing. What happened, what happened, what happened,” says Amy McCollom. “He was breathing heavy and I could tell that he was startled and my husband doesn’t usually get upset.”

It was an unusual situation that now has their family helping the man of the house.

“He’s usually the one that’s on the other side of the bed when anyone of us are sick. So this is highly unusual for him to be in the bed and me or anybody else being the caretaker,” states Amy McCollom. 

She says it’s scary for their family.

“There’s so many unknowns. We don’t know since the dog didn’t have its shots don’t know if it’s going to be okay after the quarantine time,” says Amy McCollom.

Now it’s just a waiting game before he’s back to work.

“I hate the thought of something like this changing the way he feels about his job and I just hope that he continues to love it as much as he used to before this happened,” states Amy McCollom. 

The owner of the dog will no longer get mail delivered to her porch. She has the option of moving her mailbox to the curb or renting a post office box.

The dog was taken to animal control and has to be quarantined for ten days.

if it’s cleared, the owner will be able to pick him up.

She plans to take the dog to behavior classes when he gets home.

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