FAIRMOUNT, Ill., (WCIA) — Nate Becraft is a high school senior thankful to be alive. He doesn’t remember too many details of the day that changed his life. 

On April 13, Becraft suddenly fell in his house in Fairmount. His grandma found him on the stairs and an ambulance quickly brought him to Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana. 

Doctors originally said he would be in the hospital for six months. His parents say it is a miracle he is already back home after one month.

Doctors don’t have an official diagnosis of what happened, but he had a lot of swelling on his brain. He was in a medically induced coma his first two weeks at Carle. Becraft has had four surgeries total, three on his head and one on his throat. He should not need any more surgeries, for now.

Now, his medical journey is on the upswing. He is back to operating his farm, the Sugar Grove Rabbitry in Fairmount. He started the rabbitry only one month before entering the hospital. His grandfather raised rabbits and Becraft always loved being around the animals. 

“Some mornings I wake up at 4 in the morning and start taking care of them. Start trying to get the females pregnant and ready to go with more rabbits for us to get started with and always take care of chickens. I take care of them twice a day,” Becraft said. 

When he is not working with animals, he is a volunteer firefighter. He’s been a volunteer since he was 15. His dream job is being a firefighter and EMT. 

“I’ve been doing everything I can do. But, it’ll be amazing because most departments wait until you are 21 to allow you to be a firefighter. And that’ll be amazing when I can do that,” he said. 

Becraft will be able to re-join his group in August– only pushing back his training by three months. 

He said he feels amazing and would not be here today without friends, family and all of the medical professionals who helped him.