Lost dog returns home

Local News

ST. JOSEPH, Ill. (WCIA) — A dog that was lost for a week is now safe and sound. Piper, a yellow Labrador retriever, returned around 3 this morning to her babysitter, Amy McElroy’s, home. Piper squeezed her way out of her collar on Wednesday, and has been seen wandering around a field by Prince of Peace Lutheran Church since then.

Piper’s owner, Cindy Ferry, is in Louisiana. She’s working with State Farm to help Hurricane Laura victims. In the meantime, her daughter, Alyssa, along with McElroy, have been working with volunteers to search the cornfields and use treats to lure Piper back. But they say she had to come back on her own time.

Alyssa says she’s grateful for a community that cares as much as the people in St. Joseph. She added that people not only helped with the search itself, but also brought items to her and McElroy, like blankets and food, to help them when they stayed up waiting for Piper’s return.

“It’s just been very humbling. It’s been very amazing just to see the amount of support that we’ve got, and to just see the outpouring of love in this town give to help find a dog,” she said.

Piper is alright, aside from returning very dirty and having a slight limp. She’ll be heading to the vet soon to make sure everything is okay.

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