Lockdown drill will finally be conducted

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GIFFORD, Ill. (WCIA) — For the first time in at least a year, Gifford Grade School will do a law enforcement drill.

As we’ve been reporting, a few weeks back, superintendent Rod Grimsley was caught filing false reports to the state and regional office of education. For years, he turned in reports certifying that the school completed lockdown drills and safety meetings, but those weren’t happening.

When this all came to light, Grimsley was told he’d keep his job, but he had to make amends and hold a drill as soon as possible. Both he and the police chief say that will take place in the near future, but that wasn’t enough to satisfy some parents.

A small group went to Tuesday night’s school board meeting to keep trying to press them for answers they haven’t gotten. Last week, Grimsley participated in a meeting they’re required to have. Those were also supposed to be happening all along.

But even though the issues have been taken care of, parents still don’t know why Grimsley falsified the reports in the first place.

“We did not grow up with this, in our day and age, it’s the reality,” one parent told the board, “We’re not invisible. The 10:00 news last night had, just down the road in Clarence, the bombs, in the yard. You know how many people today didn’t even know about it?”

“If you have somebody that’s lying about the safety of the kids, he should not be up there in charge of those kids,” says parent Ralph Cox, “I mean, what kind of example is he setting for those kids.”

We’ve reported before that Grimsley likely won’t face consequences for this. Even though he broke the law by not holding the drills, it doesn’t specify the consequences for that. Nor does it address what happens when reports are falsified.

We asked Grimsley and the board if they had any comments or statements at all; on the drills, the meetings, or whether the school shooting in Florida changed their perspective. They didn’t have anything to say.

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