Location tracking sparks debate at the Capitol

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ILLINOIS — It’s your daily go-to and where many spend countless hours of their time but what you may not realize is what’s going on right beneath your fingers.

“When an app or company knows where you are or where you’re going what you’re doing who you’re hanging out with, they’re getting access to the most private information,” says ACLU Director of Advocacy Khadeine Bennett .

Now some lawmakers want to get a handle on what they say is a growing problem.

“They’re tracking where our kids are going to school they’re tracking where you’re going everyday, that you’re out and about and they’re able to sale that information to other people, ” says Senator Tom Cullerton  (D- VIllapark).

A new bill would require an application to alert a consumer when the company is collecting their geo-location data.

Privacy advocates say it’s important to allow people to decide what they choose to share.

“Consumers will now have the real choice when they’re turning on an app to make sure that their privacy rights are being protected that’s a good first step,” says Bennett.

Opponents say it’s an over step and an unnecessary law.

“I think this is a solution looking for a problem we think the consumers have an awful amount of power to regulate they’re information, ”  says Illinois Chamber of Commerce President Todd Maisch. 

Republicans and several businesses have spoken out against the bill saying it will do more harm than good.

“It would really send a bad signal to innovators people who are trying develop new apps to say you know Illinois is just not a friendly place for us to do our business,” says Maisch. 

But others aren’t sold. 

“To say it puts businesses in any kind of compromised position I think is just a fallacy,” says Cullerton. 

Another point of concern for this bill is lawsuits.  Businesses say it puts them at risk of being dragged into court. 

Democratic lawmakers say the Attorney General and the State’s Attorney are the only ones capable of filing a lawsuit.

The bill should see a vote in the next coming days. 


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