Local school district is going completely virtual for fall semester

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Many school districts are going the hybrid learning route this fall semester, but Decatur public schools say they aren’t taking the risk.
“All those factors plus the numbers over the summer we had fully anticipated Covid-19 to be declining by now “, said superintendent Fregeau. “For a while, it was, but now it’s surging back up not just nationally but locally.”

All Decatur public schools will have virtual learning for the first quarter of the school year.
Parent Dana Thomas realizes the dangers of in-person learning.
“What anybody would bring home and what anyone would spread to the community is just all so unknown.”
But she’s also concerned about the families who don’t have the help she does.
“My mother in law, I don’t know what I would do without her,” said Thomas. “I have friends and family and colleagues who have no support, no assistance.”

If your child has an individualized education program (IEP) or is an English-language learner, you can receive in person-help.
Decatur schools also urge parents to register with their schools, so they have updated information. For a full look into Decatur’s school plans, you can go to the DPS website.
To look at suggestions from the Illinois Board of education for the fall, you can go to the ISBE website.

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