MAHOMET, Ill. (WCIA) — Mahomet is joining the list of communities across the country that are home to a Little Free library.

The library is being organized by a nationwide organization also called Little Free Library. It’s a nonprofit organization that builds and places small mailbox-like cabinets for books to be placed inside of. It’s also available at any time of day.

The library was recently unveiled in Mahomet and it was already full of books when our reporters visited.

Jenna Schwenker is a steward of Mahomet’s Free Little Library. She is in charge of the upkeep and stocking of books, most of which came from her own collection. But she plans for the collection to grow to include others’ books.

Schwenker added that she wanted to install a Free Little Library in Chicago when she lived there, but she couldn’t because of the location. So when she moved to Mahomet, it was important for her to install a Free Little Library.

“The library is a little bit further from where we live, but I wanted to have a place where kids or adults could just walk by, find a book that they might be interested in, maybe something they’ve never heard of,” Schwenker said. “And just to spread the joy of reading a little bit closer to home within the larger community of Mahomet.”

Schwenker said she’s seen other Little Free Libraries around the area, including some in Oakwood, Monticello and Urbana. Hers will be the first registered in Mahomet.

The overall goal of Free Little Library is to expand and improve book access throughout communities. Schwenker hopes the installation of one in Mahomet encourages more reading and promotes the concept of “take a book, leave a book.” More information about Little Free Library can be found on their website.