Lightning strike too close for comfort

Local News

PAXTON, Ill. (WCIA) — A lightning strike was so close to one person, the Ford County Emergency manager alerted people a man had been struck.

They say it happened at the intersection of South Cherry and West Ottowa. No one was actually struck. The manager of Monical’s explained what actually happened.

He said the storm was one of the worst he’d seen in a long time. He was inside the restaurant when he heard a loud boom. He figured it was a lightning strike because some of his equipment stopped working.

At that time, a man was walking into the restaurant. When he came into the door, he claimed to have a slight tingle in his arm. For precautionary measures, they called an ambulance to check him out.

The man is okay. As for the restaurant, they’re still working on a few things. The manager said his sign is a little damaged and they’re still trying to get everything running again.

The man returned to the restaurant after being checked at the hospital to tell everyone he was okay. The store manager said the man was not from the area.

Ford County’s Emergency officials couldn’t be reached for comment.

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