URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Thursday was the grand opening for a new addiction recovery facility in Urbana. 

It’s through Lifeline-Connect, a recovery program for men. The building is a live-in dorm that holds 24 people. In twelve and a half years, they’ve worked with more than 80 men. With this new dorm, they’ll be able to help even more. 

For Timothy Murray, addiction became a crippling lifestyle. He says, “I was drinking all night and using meth to take away the hangovers. Eventually I lost a really good job I had and ended up homeless.” 

He joined Lifeline-Connect and his life began to change. Murray says, “If it wasn’t for this program I have no doubt I’d be dead or in prison.” 

This day was a new beginning for the program too. A ribbon was cut and the doors were opened.

Brenda Rogers is the program director. She says, “They’ll get a whole life recovery. We’ll deal with issues that drive their addiction, things that happened in their lives, faults and beliefs and things that cause them to use drugs.” 

The men will get counseling, life skills classes, and work training to get a job. Rogers says, “The voids they’re filling with drugs and alcohol and all these issues of crime are filled with happy lives and pursuing a purpose.” 

It’s a safe environment away from the influences of addiction. Dozens came to the grand opening to show support, including Champaign Police Chief Anthony Cobb. He says, “I’m so glad we have this jewel here so we can interrupt some people’s trip into the criminal justice system and allow them the opportunity to be successful.” 

Murray is grateful to live there and to be supported in sobriety. He says, “It’s built my work ethic back up. I’m now building my relationship back up with my daughter. I have a six year old. She was here this past weekend. Before i came here, i didn’t have a relationship with her at all.”

This project cost $630,000. Lifeline-connect raised half of it through community support. The rest was donated in labor. People will start moving in within the next couple weeks.