SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (NEXSTAR) — The Illinois House of Representatives and the Senate will be returning only a couple of weeks after their session was supposed to end.

The two chambers will be voting on a clean energy bill that couldn’t get the votes before May 31st.

“This is a landmark clean energy plan that both protects thousands of jobs and moves Illinois responsibly toward the future,” said Illinois Senate President Don Harmon.

A final version of the clean energy plan never surfaced during session. Negotiations fell a part at the last minute over the deadline being set for coal plants to shut down.

The Senate will return on Tuesday, and expects to be in for one day, and the House will return Wednesday.

Once the final legislation is brought forward, the total amount of subsidies that the state is giving to utility companies like Exelon will be known. Those subsidies will be used to keep the state’s nuclear plants open during the state’s transition to clean energy.