Leaf burning means life or death

Local News

WESTVIILLE, Ill. (WCIA) –One woman wants people to consider other options outside of burning their leaves.

Melissa Craft of Georgetown has two asthmatic grandchildren and for them, burning leaves can be deadly.

Craft and her family have been in and out of hospitals for years because of her grandsons’ asthma problems. 

Just last week they had to go again after she says a neighbor burned some leaves. 

Experts say burning leaves can be toxic and let off a gas that create a respiratory infection.

That’s what concerns Craft about her family and others.

“He’s actually allergic to a mold that’s in decaying leaves and then when people set it on fire, it turns into the air and anyone who breathes it in it goes into into their lungs deep down in their longs and can cause anyone to have an episode, not just someone with asthma,” says Melissa Craft.

Craft hopes people will at least consider other when thinking of possibly burning their leaves.

Some of those options are different depending on where you live. 

Some towns pick up leaves for free.

There’s also an option to mulch the leaves back into your yard or you could create a compost pile on your property.

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