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DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — Some parents are getting serious about giving back, and snacking, during quarantine. One mom started the ‘Snack Attack’ Facebook group. Families can gift pre-packaged snacks to other kids stuck at home.

Candace Garrett started the group for her and her friends, but is has now spread to 15 counties and has 2,500 people.

“It’s crazy, I didn’t expect it at all,” says Garrett. “I kind of initially wanted to keep it small, but how can I do that? If this kid is getting to do snack attacks and his neighbor’s not, that’s not fair. So we’re just going to let it explode.”

In the private group, parents either put their address to receive a gift basket or say they are looking for other homes to go “attack.” The snacks are then left on the doorstep for kids to find and enjoy. For families on the receiving end, it is fun for everyone involved.

“Somebody took time out of there day to express that they care about somebody in their community in general,” says Jessica Ishee. “Then of course the kids get all excited cause it’s snacks. What kid doesn’t like snacks?”

To manage it all, Garrett has expanded her admin team to five people. She says she has heard some of the families enjoy delivering more than receiving, and not just because it gets them out of the house.

“Just teaching them the lesson of giving,” says Garrett. “I mean it’s obviously fun to receive the snacks, too. But if you ask members in my group they’re going to tell you they have way more fun getting out there and delivering to people.”

The group was started at the beginning of May. At first it was for moms only, but they started allowing dads in as well.

Some people have brought up concerns about safety. Not every parent wants to post their address in the closed group. To make sure they can still be involved, the team is planning to meet in a public place and exchange safely. If that is successful, they say they will plan even more around Central Illinois.

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