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MOWEQUA, Ill. (WCIA) — Police are working to keep roads safe. Those who litter could pay big time or wind up in jail.

Mowing grass may seem harmless, but leaving freshly mowed grass on the road is illegal. Police Chief Roy Maki says he’s noticed people doing it.

“They’ll mow the grass and they’ll shoot the clippings out into the alleyways or streets or down county roads when they do the sides. That is a hazard.”

Chief Maki says he’s mainly noticed people leaving things like grass and leaves int he streets. This type of litter creates a slick surface for cars, bikes and motorcycles.

“You’ll be driving by and they’ll be mowing it and blowing it right out in the road.”

That’s why police are taking the problem so seriously. Anyone found littering the roadways could be fined between $1,500 – $25,000, face a lawsuit or even possible jail time.

Michael Jenkins sometimes rides his motorcycle through town. He says grass on the streets is not only unsightly, but dangerous.

“We’ll be on motorcycles driving down rural roads and it’s been covered in the road and you got to just slow down.”

Chief Maki says there haven’t been any big accidents because of the litter and he intends on keeping it that way.

“We have a lot of children out running around. We have a lot of elderly people that love to talk walks. I want to make sure that they go home and be safe.”

Chief Maki also says grass and leaves clog sewer systems and cause backups. He wants to prevent any incidents from happening.

It’s not just yard waste. Police say you can also be fined for putting garbage, bottles or glass on the road.

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